Admit that the entrepreneur is sort of an owner of a small business or someone concertizing somewhere in the countryside, etc. In short, the one hard at work representative of an unincorporated business.

Intrapreneur sounds roughly the same and is also relevant to the business world. And that’s where the similarity ends.

Because the first one is destined to be a lonely fighter in the limited ring of business. While the second one is yet to be a part of a results-oriented team.

Business and Intrapreneurship. A mutual attraction

It is about successfully implementing innovation and, intellectual activity by a creative person into the prepared production environment with the provision of technical support and cooperation.

Yesterday’s achievements are history now and no longer able to confirm the leadership position. Powerful and once deemed revolutionary companies well know that, investing in their human resource future. That only the influx of ambitious carriers of bold ideas will help them find a second wind for correction of further business development.

Students who have opted to Intrapreneurship must realize that they will be evaluated and properly used by the companies feeling standstill today within the framework of existing realities and technologies. And for which the future begins today.

Studying in another country

New people, culture, mentality and impressions of what you see and hear are the basis for comparison and the emergence of fresh ideas for implementing in the future. That’s the key advantage of studying abroad.

A multinational team of young future professionals as carriers of new insights could also have a rejuvenating and positive impact on any long-time organization. This is how current students should be considered and evaluated, regardless of their goals for the day.

As for graduates of intrapreneurship educational institutions, it is now time they can reach their full potential as implementing partners of their plans.

Geneva Business School. And it’s not just in Switzerland

Today, GBS training centres in Europe and Asia provide all services required by their students to be a multinational breeding ground for new ideas. Although the theory and testing continue to apply, there is a clear preference for an independent and especially group program implementation strategies to achieve the envisioned results.

In addition to Geneva Business School, there are other centres located in:

  • Barcelona, Spain;
  • Madrid, Spain;
  • Astana, Kazakhstan;
  • Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The subjects taught and flexible class hours on an individual basis are laid down in the curriculum relied on modern educational technologies. Specialization covers practically every field of knowledge, starting from show business to the management of natural resources.

It should be noted, that the content and quality of the education provided at GBS is a profound knowledge and skills applicable to both entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

February is around the corner. Join us?