Honorable Department of Education presented a letter with 33 pages on Wednesday and then signed by 60 other associations. Letter involves a huge amount of important issues. In general, Ted Mitchell, the official representative of ACE claims that it is a false direction for true improvement.

How did society perceive the title?

Our newspaper was told by Terry Hartle, who at the moment represented the public in ACE, that there was spent a huge amount of time creating Title IX. He compares it with the world’s biggest cabbage. After one layer, another one, below that- another layer and so on.

During Obama’s presidency, high-education society frequently condemned changes which were brought into the way education institutions cope with cases concerning sexual harassment. Since it was non-flexible and complicated for the university’s administration and during the approval did not require society’s feedback.

In 2017 was announced by the present secretary of education, that new rules toward new Title IX will be soon published. It took place in November and finished collecting feedback this Wednesday.

Now we present the main positions in the letter of ACE:

  • College and the court must be different.
  • The appropriation of creating literal courtrooms for cases concerning sexual harassment is doubtful. However, it becomes unavoidable considering the strictness of rules.
  • Colleges must be given the right to decide among to hear or not case depend on the situation.
  • Also, the letter assumes that the limits will lead to a competitive tone of proceedings in an industry of lawyers.
  • Cases should be treated differently in the colleges’ proceedings system.

It said in the letter that administrators of educational institutions must have the ability to decide which way is more suitable in every situation to make the process fairer. In addition, the change allows informing about the decisions which were proposed by the department. It gives students the ability to choose how they want to proceed. Ordinance of proceeding sexual-misconduct cases within 60 days became the good news for college’s administrators. Don’t doubt colleges which just try to conform to Title IX.

Work between colleges and department must be accented on possibly prevent the issue of sexual-misconduct cases itself. Education institutions must fulfil all their obligations but not be doubted by the government. Colleges are grateful for the control.

Proposed Title IX points maybe give some freedom to education institutions but it will just ease the pressure regard to sexual harassment cases. Even though, colleges will carry on to act either regard Title IX rules, or not. But it must be understandable by the government that these institutions operate considering individual cases.

Also, the letter addresses the issue of dismissing the claim if it’s not fitting in a definition of sexual harassment as it offered by the government. The author considers it as a big mistake. Department will require colleges an updated proof system.

Obama-era standard in trial procedures regard to sexual harassment led to a high per cent in punishments of students without powerful evidence. The letter proposes certain regulation to give an opportunity for colleges’ administration to decide the right standard to consider a personal situation.