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(Officially Announced) FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money and Trophy Look

This year Russia has got the privilege to host this awesome event. There are about 211 nations playing this sport. In this article, we are going to talk about the FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money and first look of Winner Trophy. Every football fan is curiously waiting for this football kick-start. FIFA 2018 tournament will begin on 14 June 2018. There are 32 teams participating in this massive tournament and the prize amount for FIFA 2018 winner is also huge.

The finals will be organized on 15 July 2018 which means it is a one month fight between 32 teams. Each and every team will try their level best to grab that prize amount for FIFA 2018 winner. So it is quite clear that this will be a huge tournament in the world which is covered by great media partners.

The Official announcement of FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money and Trophy Look

We all know that this is a huge event which contains lots of FIFA 2018 sponsors. So it is clear that a huge amount of money is involved in the matches. Therefore the FIFA world cup 2018 prize money is kept huge. In 2014, the winning team gets the prize money of $358k. This year the amount is quite bigger as compared to previous year. This year the champion team will try their best to keep their trophy with them.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money, Winning Amount, Trophy, Cash

This year the prize money is increased by 12% from previous year. Now it is 40 million US Dollars. The winner of it will get this money along with the FIFA world cup 2018 trophy. It seems that all the other teams are practicing to grab this position.

FIFA 2018 Prize Money for Runner-ups

Last time Argentina was the runner-up team and received $25 million. Now the prize money for FIFA world cup 2018 runner-ups have been increased by $5 million. It means the runner-up team will get $30 million. This seems to be a big amount for the losing side in FIFA World Cup finals. All the 16 rounds of World Cup will be interesting and you should book tickets it and enjoy the matches in the stadium.

This is one of the huge events of the year so don’t miss the live action of these matches. Support your favorite teams and visit the stadium to cheer them. You can grab the tickets from the official site of FIFA and celebrate the moment when winning team wears the medal of victory.

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(Officially Announced) FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money and Trophy Look
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